Quick, effective hair removal


Waxing removes hair from the root using a thin layer of wax that is spread over your skin, and a cloth strip is pressed on top and ripped off quickly against the direction of hair growth.

At Inches of Oxted we have a range of waxing options to suit all of your hair removal needs.

Please note: Hair removal is not recommended either before or after any heat treatments e.g. steam, sauna, sunbed or sunbathing, swimming, vigorous exercise or any self tanning application.

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Waxing is considered to be one of the most effective nonpermanent hair removal methods for any part of your body. It guarantees a complete removal of the hair, and lasts between three and eight weeks before new hair grows back.

Hot Wax

A quick, effective form of hair removal for hair as short as 1mm. Ideal for coarse, stubborn hair and for those with a low pain threshhold. This gentle, pliable wax contains the soothing properties of chamomile and rose, to calm the most sensitive of skins. This wax is especially recommended for Brazilians or Hollywoods and underarm waxing.